Thursday, 27 August 2015

August Favourites

Hello lovelies, 

Spring is just around the corner in Australia, and the weather is getting warmer which makes me super excited. I'm looking forward to the summer months especially going to the beach and soaking up the sun and getting sand between my toes and getting ice creams!  

I thought I would share my most used and favourite products in August! 


+ Hourglass Ambient - Lighting bronzer in "Luminous Bronze Light"- Im a big fan of Hourglass blushes and powders. The bronzer is soft and blend-able and is beautiful and luminous on the skin.

+ Si Giorgio Armani perfume - This is my all time favourite perfume scent, it is a chypre scent which is a contrast between a fresh citrus and woody musky smell. Si perfume is long lasting and I definitely recommend to invest in this perfume even though its quite expensive, its worth it. 

+ Hourglass Ambient - Lighting Palette in "Dim Light | Incandescent Light | Radiant Light" - I love everything about this palette. Its easy to dip a fluffy brush into and apply to the face! Its perfect for travelling and I mostly use Dim Light and Incandescent Light shades for my face. 

Mac eyeshadow in "Expensive Pink"- Is a beautiful peach gold duo chrome eyeshadow. Its stays on all day definitely great for going out at night and I love how it makes my hazel green eyes stand out. 

+ Mac eyeshadow in "Phloof!"- Is a creamy off white with a bit of pink undertone and a frost finish eyeshadow. Love using this eyeshadow everyday, I'm a big fan of shimmy pink and sliver eyeshadows!

+ Mac Satin Lipstick in "Faux"- is my favourite lipstick ever. It is a great everyday nude lipstick that has mauve undertones hidden - its a great Kylie Jenner inspired lip. 

+ Zoeva brush in"126/Luxe Cheek Finish"- An amazing brush for apply any blushes on your face and  its definitely worth getting it. The brush is really soft and gentle on the skin. 

Soap & Glory Smoothie Oat, Sugar & Shea Breakfast Scrub -The scrub is a light brown sugar grain texture paste and it has an amazing scent and it makes me want to eat it, everytime I use it. 

+ Casetify iPhone 6 Case  in "Anemones + Roses" - Got this case on Tuesday and I'm in love! Its my second phone case, because my first one, was a transparent clear hardshell case from Apple which got damage from me always dropping it. It was time for a change and Casetify has beautiful phone cases which I definitely recommend if your looking for a new one! 

What have you been loving this month? 



  1. Replies
    1. I agree. It's really cute

  2. Love the highlighters!!



  3. your blog is just AMAZING!!! i love it !! I shall continue reading :)


    Have a great day :)

  4. Great faves! I want to try all of these products, especially the ambient lights palette! :d

  5. I love both of the Mac eye shadows, they are so pretty. I really want to get a couple, I don't own any yet!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. I use the same S&G scrub, love it! Really love that Iphone case, super cute! x

  7. I want to try that Soap and Glory Scrub! You take awesome photos!!! I just followed you on all your social media things because I love your blog so much!!!

  8. OMG that bronzer colour just WOW, it's so pretty! Stunning photos too!

  9. That case look really beautiful and dantie, and I love all the other products, they sound so nice!
    Have an amazing day xx

  10. I have been wanting to try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder for ages, it is so beautiful. I may have to have a little splurge. Your phone case is really nice, I have needed a new may have to get my hands on this. Great post.

    Beth x

  11. Stunning photos! I love the look of the hourglass lighting bronzer what a beautiful shade!

  12. I'm dying to get my hands on Si, whenever I see it in a store I spray it! Also love the looks of the hour glass products x
    han // em&han xo

  13. Great range of shimmers, they're all such a pretty shade of brown too! Will definitely try out the Hourglass Lightening Bronzer in the near future!

    Yours truly,
    Micah xo

  14. In love with the hourglass palette. Looks so pretty on <3

  15. Great picks Nev! I've been lusting over the rose gold Zoeva brushes for a while and I just might have to get them now! :)


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